Arx Kids is Back !

Move it. Move it.

We have been waiting for the right time to bring back this very special program

Who: Kids ages 5-12 

What :  ” The program combats some of the largest health problems facing our youth today including childhood obesity and Type 2 diabetes. As a result of the agricultural and industrial revolutions, humans today move less and eat more highly processed foods with loads of added sugar. History shows that our children are likely to adopt habits they saw growing up, so if a lack of movement and poor nutrition is the lifestyle of their elders, children are statistically more likely to live a similar unhealthy lifestyle into adulthood. One of the goals of CrossFit Kids is to break the cycle of passing on poor behaviors by instilling in this and future generations of children a positive association with exercise, a desire to be fit, and a goal to live a long, healthy life.

CrossFit Kids teaches foundational movement patterns, providing children with a portion of their prescribed amount of exercise for the week, improving muscular fitness, engineering endless opportunities for success, and discussing roles for food while keeping the class and its information fun and engaging. As an infinitely scalable program, CrossFit Kids can also bring the benefits of physical activity to disadvantaged populations.” 

When: This is a 2 day a week program . Tuesday & Thursday @4:30

Where: CrossFit Arx South

Why:  “Physically, CrossFit Kids works to battle childhood obesity and rising rates of Type 2 diabetes in kids. According to the World Health Organization, 39 million children around the world are overweight or obese. Lifestyle is the root cause of these problems. If a child is active and avoids eating and drinking processed carbohydrates, these maladies are virtually impossible to contract.

With the rise of technology, kids are spending more time being sedentary on their devices rather than moving their bodies throughout the day. With the increase in consumption of highly processed foods and added sugars, the number of kids suffering from health issues is rising. The CrossFit Kids program adds functional movements delivered in fun classes into a kid’s life to get them moving their bodies and enjoying exercise. By getting our kids to move their bodies, eat right, and enjoy both, they will be unlikely to lead an unhealthy lifestyle that ends up with these problems. If they are already afflicted with these problems, they have the opportunity to stop their progression and most likely reverse it.” 

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To learn more about the methodology of CrossFit Kids and for the rest of this article, please click here 


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