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“I first came to Crossfit Arx In October of 2012. I knew Lauren in high school and she reached out to me and suggested I come in and see what CrossFit was all about. I nervously drove to my first class at Arx and honestly thought about turning around and going home when I pulled into the parking lot. My life changed for the better when I decided to walk through Arx’s open doors. I was met with warm welcomes, encouraging words and an atmosphere that was fire. It was clear that the culture and community of Arx was one I wanted to be a part of. Within the first few months of being part of the Arx family,my physical strength, my motivation, and my knowledge of what it really meant to be healthy had increased exponentially. I met lifelong friends who I cannot imagine my current life without. As time passed, it became harder to commute to Toms River, as I lived in Manahawkin. Life happened -and a marriage and 3 kids later, I have been “Crossfitting” out in my garage for the past 6 years. My foundation of fitness through Arx enabled me to consistently move at home during this time. However, nothing I could ever do at home could take the place of the atmosphere, culture, coaching and encouragement that being a member of Arx provides. Their top of the line equipment, integrity, pride in maintaining a clean and safe environment, dedication to members, programming, and culture is unmatched. Arx South is an answered prayer, and I’m ready to walk back through those open doors – exactly 9 years later- in October 2021.”

Stephanie’s story

So I’m sitting at work and trying to write down some of my thoughts and wanted to share with you:

For years, I have been saying that I wanted to try CrossFit, but I never went because I was scared. Scared to walk in the door. Scared of judgment. Scared of injuries. Scared I wouldn’t be able to do anything and people would laugh at me. I have been following Lauren and CrossFit Arx on social media for years and the workouts always looked so fun and challenging, but I couldn’t get over my fear. Fast forward to the end of July 2021 when Lauren announced that they would be opening a second location in Manahawkin. This was a sign.

After over a year of working from home, abusing my body with food and alcohol, and doing home workout programs with no results, I realized that this was my opportunity to try CrossFit. In August, a week before my birthday, I decided I was going to treat myself to improving my health. I signed up for a package that included nutrition coaching and private sessions. Lauren made it clear from the start that she would not let me quit and that there are modifications for everything. I was filled with anxiety after signing up, wondering if I made the right choice, which I thought about every day until starting on October 1st. Many people told me “you’re crazy,” “CrossFit is too hard,” “you can’t do it,” and one of my favorites “don’t become one of those crazy CrossFit people.” I promised myself that I would at least try it for 60 days and see what happens. I decided I would start slow and increase the number of classes I attended each week with an eventual goal of 5-6 classes a week. I also decided that 5am would be the best time for me to get to a workout in. Do I like waking up early? No. Was it hard the first few weeks? Yes. But as the weeks went by, I noticed that getting my workout done in the morning gave me so much more energy throughout the day. I learned so much in my private sessions with Mike and Ashlee. My fears and anxiety decreased after every class and private session I attended. I learned that everyone is focused on themselves and their goals, so no one is looking at me and thinking “wow she looks stupid, she has no clue what she’s doing.” Everyone cheers you on. The coaches encourage you to keep going and never quit.

After my first InBody scan, I felt defeated. I felt like my starting point was so far from where I wanted to be and that I could never attain my weight/fat loss goals. I was disgusted that I let myself get where I was, but I stressed to myself that I was not going to focus on the scale. With Lauren’s nutrition coaching, I learned how to track my macros and properly fuel my body. Paleo sounded so hard in the beginning… no cheese, no candy, no bread. No “good” stuff! I was so wrong. I bought two paleo cookbooks for inspiration and went all in with meal planning and prepping. I have learned so much about food and nutrition within the last two months. About a month in, I started seeing and feeling the changes in my body. Pants fit better, I liked what I was seeing in the mirror, and most importantly, my mental health was getting better. Overall, I feel good… mind and body.

The workouts are challenging. Some days, I want to quit. But then I see the changes that I have made through proper nutrition and exercise and I want to keep going. Shout out to all of the coaches for their dedication to my health and fitness journey.

Two months in and I have a positive outlook on life. I am happy. I feel stronger than I have in years. I am down 10lbs and 5.6% body fat. My skeletal muscle mass has increased. Everything is headed in the right direction. CrossFit has changed my life in so many ways and I am proud to be a part of the Arx family. I cannot wait to see where I am a year from now.

I encourage anyone who has the same fears I had to get started on their journey. It is life changing.

Jenn S

“I spend half the time in the gym than I used to- and I’m fitter than I ever was in my twenties”

mikey’s story

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